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SL Certification: Event hosting - Basic Level

Basic level hosting is understood as managing an event or mood at a venue without DJ or live artist.

Greeting People: Understand the importance of and be able to greet people the instant they arrive.

Send Notices: Know how to notify the groups related to your event and direct people to your event at the righ place and time.

Facilitating Chat: Understand the importance of and be able to keep the conversation fluent and engaging.

Watch the mood: Understand what may influence the mood of the room and how to deal with it. Basic understanding on how you can raise the energy and what may lower it.

Managing Friction: Understand and be able to identify potential disturbances. Understand and be able to manage griefers in private IM. Understand the difference between intentional noncompliance and the unintentional behaviour from new residence.

Eject and ban: Understand the difference and be able to remove person not following your guidance of the rules.

Change radio: Be able to change the music of the land to fit the mood of the event

Collecting people to group: Unless your group gives people special powers on your land, it's a great way to reach more people if the host ads all new visitors.

Hosting should fit the venue: Meaning if the venue goal is to have realistic surroundings it might not be a good idea to be a flying host.

Keep eye on house count: Know how to find the statistics of your land in order get a pointer of how the event is going.