SL Cert - Basic Land Management

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SL Certification "Land Management - Basic Level"


Locating a parcel for sale or Rent Demonstrate that you understand how to locate a parcel that suits your needs. Show an understanding of the differences between buying and renting. Locate the current owner / landlord of the parcel. Understand the cost per prim, including the object bonus. Identifying the key traits of a good versus a bad landlord.

Understanding a SIM Identify the difference between a mainland and a private estate. Recognise whether the sim is a full region, a Homestead or an Openspace region. Locate the owner and / or group allocations of a sim.

Renting or Buying a Parcel Understand the differences between buying land on a mainland sim versus a private estate, and the effect of buying mainland on your premium account. Recognise the different methods commonly used to "rent" land.

Understanding Group versus Individual purchase / Rent. Understand the implications of buying land as an individual versus buying land for a group. Demonstrate an understanding of assigning a group to a parcel bought as an individual.

Understanding your available prims. Show how to view and understand how prims are shown in a sim. Recognise the difference between the ways prims are shown on bought land versus group owned land. Demonstrate that you can iddentify the prims you have available on your parcel. Demonstrate that you understand how many prims make up an object.

Setting Parcel "Options" Be able to set key land options, including fly, script, build, object entry and explain how they differ between settings. Create a new parcel name and desription and set it to be advertised; recognising the implications of group liabilities.

Creating and playing "Media" Add a music URL to stream music to the parcel and understand how to deed an object to the group. Set a video stream to the parcel and set a texture for it to be played on.

Understanding Parcel Security Understand how access lists work, and the differences between public access and private access. Recognise the difference between "eject" and "ban" and understand how this can be achieved. Recognise different parcel security options.