SL Cert - Basic Mentoring

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SLCertification is a community project guided by Linden Lab (see FAQ). This project page and its contents are not endorsed, managed or supervised by Linden Lab. Linden Lab may link to this resource in the future solely as an informational service to the Second Life community.

SL Cert - Basic Tutoring


This definition codifies what tutors need to know to help people competently from both a communications and technical standpoint.


People and organizations who want to help others.


Must be at least six months in Second Life.


Describe the skills and knowledge necessary to tutor competently and effectively at a basic level.

Mentor Skillset

Communication Skillset

  • Leaving the ego at the door: understanding the necessity of focusing on the person being helped.
  • Definitions of PG, Adult, and Mature regions
  • Be familiar with Second Life acronyms (see Acronyms)
  • Know the resources
  • Announcing who you are and why you're there: goals and methods
  • Communicate effectively with people from other cultures
  • Describe things and procedures accurately: techniques for describing procedures
  • Know your limits: realizing how many people you can help at one time
  • Steps for dealing with misbehaving residents
  • Understand how and when Report Abuse interface accurately and efficiently

Technical Skillset


Using the Mini-Map
      • Using the Map - Where am I?
      • Using Search - Where is that?
      • Using Landmarks - How do I get there again?
  • Hunting/Gathering
    • Inventory - I can have stuff!
    • Appearance - I can change how I look!
      • Kinds of clothing
      • Wearing an item of clothing
      • Creating an outfit
      • Wearing an outfit
    • Organizing what you have - How do I find things quickly?
    • Purchasing
      • Money
        • What is it?
        • Is it necessary?
        • How much can I have?
        • How do I get it?
      • Purchasing things with or without money
      • Organizing what you've purchased
  • Communications
    • Chatting with people nearby
    • The Friends List
    • Chatting with one person privately
    • Chatting with many people privately - Conference chat
    • Groups - people of a feather
      • Finding a group
      • Joining a group (various methods)
    • Chatting with many people - Group chat
  • Know the basic Macintosh shortcuts (see Second Life under Mac OS X )
  • Know how to manipulate the profile
  • Know what to do with Preferences