SL Cert - Basic Scripting

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Rationale for scripting Demonstrate an understanding of what scripts are, their limitations and why they are used in second life.

Script creation Show ability to create scripts in both primitives and inventory. Be able to transfer one to the other, set them to running or not and set relevant permissions for them.

Commenting and Clarity Understand the benefits of keeping code legible, using the same style of code writing throughout and commenting where necessary.

Variables, Types and Constants Be able to recognise differant types of variable and how they can be used to store differant types of information. Understand that constants are in essence a "fixed" variable.

Functions and Parameters Recognise functions from their 'll' format and be able to explain why there is the necessity for so many different functions. Understand what a parameter is and why some functions do not require them (but still require brackets).

States and Events Understand what states and events are. Demonstrate this by scripting an object that says something in room chat when touched.

Explain the benefits of commenting code and using consistant style. Offer examples of "hello word" script in two different styles.

just ideas.... eek