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{{SLCert Navbox}}
{{SLCert Navbox}}
: ''SLCertification is a community project guided by Linden Lab (see [[SL_Certification#Frequently_Asked_Questions|FAQ]]). This project page and its contents are not endorsed, managed or supervised by Linden Lab.  Linden Lab may link to this resource in the future solely as an informational service to the Second Life community.''
==  SL Cert - Basic Terraforming ==  
==  SL Cert - Basic Terraforming ==  

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SL Cert - Basic Terraforming


Basic: Any SL resident who wants to own land and modify it

Intermediate: Any SL resident who can demonstrate Basic skills and wants to improve them, especially by managing estates

Advanced: Potential commercial terraformer or developer, or those with specialized land needs

Terraforming Skill Set

Basic Skill

1. Knowledge of SL viewer Land Tool

Testing (Practical in World (PIW))

• demonstrate at sandbox (raise, lower, smooth, roughen, select, use "strength" slider)

• create a ramp or slope

2. Permissions

• demonstrate at sandbox understanding of land permission indicator