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SL Dev: Terraforming Certification


Basic: Any SL resident who wants to own land and modify it

Intermediate: Any SL resident who can demonstrate Basic skills and wants to improve them, especially by managing estates

Advanced: Potential commercial terraformer or developer, or those with specialized land needs

Terraforming Skill Set

Basic Skill

1. Knowledge of SL viewer Land Tool

Testing (Practical in World (PIW))

• demonstrate at sandbox (raise, lower, smooth, roughen, select, use "strength" slider)

• create a ramp or slope

2. Permissions

• demonstrate at sandbox understanding of land permission indicator

Intermediate Skills

1. Knowledge of Estate Land Management (cross reference Land Management)

• different types of estates (Mainland, Openspace, Homespace, Private)

Testing Could be multiple choice: eg:

Which Estate Type has a Limit of 19 Residents or less? A. Mainland B. Openspace C. Homespace D. Private

2. Knowledge of Land Textures and Library elements

Testing PIW

  • change land textures on an estate
  • show blending
  • use Library plants

4. Use of Plants/Prim elements (rocks, roads etc.)

Testing PIW

place trees and shrubs build a path using prims (there is a good example of a possible test in "Creating Your World" Weber Rufer-Bach Platel Wiley 2008 Ch. 10 Terraforming)


1. Use of 3rd party tools (RAW creation and similar)

Testing: could be multiple choice eg:

What type of file is used for terrain definition in SL a. .tga b. .raw c. .gif

Testing PIW

•Upload RAW file •set water level •Save RAW file

2. Awareness of existing SL land builds

take examiner to 3 SL estates and explain how you think they were created

3. Use of Megaprims for altering terrain

4. Use of 3rd Party tools eg:

• Backhoe • Landsculptor • Terragen

  • Bailiwick

• Photoshop • GIMP

5. Knowledge of the land mesh in Second Life

Content based on LSL Wiki [1]