SL Cert - Intermediate Mentoring

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SL Certification "Second Life Mentoring - Intermediate Level"



People and organizations who want to help others.


Must be a minimum of six months of age in Second Life, have passed the Second Life Mentoring - Basic Level exam, and have mentored for a month after passing that exam.


Describe the skills and knowledge necessary to mentor at an intermediate level competently and effectively.

Mentor Skillset

These are my initial suggestions of what a new resident needs to know. That means this is what a helper should be qualified to teach. Please comment.

  1. SL and weapons
  2. Keyboard shortcuts
  3. Copyright as it pertains to Linden Lab in Second Life
  4. Rules about privacy; what constitutes disclosure
  5. Underage residents Rendering (Avatar rendering cost) Diagnostics Alt accounts Statistics bar How to locate sound sources How to locate particle sources Lag Deciphering the Help - About menu Causes Solutions Hardware concerns Memory CPU Graphics card Show advanced knowledge of all menus in the interface, including the Advanced menu. Console windows