SL Cert - Intermediate Scripting

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Work in progress

Loops and Flow Show an understanding of the for, do, do while and while loops. Also be able to recognise labels and jump command. (note: may be helpful to cover how loops hold back a new event from being triggered ie delays progression to end of current event. Surprises me how few people realise this. Mention event queues??)

Dataserver Show an understanding of the dataserver event and why there is the use of a handler key. Also understand the similarity between of these functions: llGetNotecardLine() llGetNumberOfNotecardLines() llGetllRequestAgentData() llRequestInventoryData() llRequestSimulatorData() (may also be worth noting that dataserver events can also be triggered from other scripts residing in the same prim)

Lists Be able to understand the concept of how various forms of data can be held simultaneously in a list. Understand that lists can grow in length and that their index always starts at zero.

Sensors Show an understanding of the use for sensors, the different "types" available and be able define a scan direction using arc. Also be aware of the subtle differences between llSensor() and llSensorRepeat() (nb there is more to this than one being timer based) (nb time required for 100% consistant scan which does not miss an item appears to be linked to range)(nb llSensorRepeat() is capable of detection in adjacent sim)

Object-to-object communication Show an understanding of object intercommunication via chat channels. Be able to explain the reason for llListen() handles and the benefit of using negative channels.

Prim-to-prim communication Show an understanding of prim intercommunication via link message. Understand the many benefits of this system over the object-to-object method.