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Overarching Goal

  • Create Second Life Certification as an in-world resource for Residents

Immediate Goal

  • Develop certification criteria for modeling and scripting
    • We are looking for members of the Developer, Instructor, and Volunteer communities to work with Lindens in creating the skills list and certification tasks for those skills in Modeling and in Scripting.


Linden Lab is developing certification for the use of key Second Life tools. We’ll begin with in-world building tools and LSL. We believe this will benefit Residents, Developers, and anyone who wishes to use Second Life by clearly identifying both key skills and the holders of those skills. This will also enable the creation of training to build the skills required for certification. It is Linden Lab's intent to work with an external certification provider to offer certification testing and maintain a list of those Residents who have been certified.

Linden Participants

Resident Participants

If you are interested in participating, please add your name to the end of this list.

Target Date

Ready to launch by fall, 2007

Certification Categories

Initially, we plan to develop certification for Modeling and Scripting. If these two categories are successful, we will develop, in accordance with your feedback, future areas including but not limited to: Avatar Customization, Terrain/Land Editing, and Land/Estate Management.


  • Architecture
  • Furnishings/Interior Design
  • Objects
  • Weapons and Vehicles

Note: Includes using scripts to animate objects and textures but no writing of scripts


  • Animation
    • Note: Animation includes object animation, texture animation and particle systems
  • Attachments
  • Movement
  • Physics & Collisions
  • Detection & Sensing
  • Asset Management
  • Setting Properties
  • Communications
  • Interacting with external data stores & web content
  • Media Management