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This page is for the documentation and organization of the new SLVEC. Please check back for frequent updates.

General Guidelines

  • If you are a Mentor participating in the use of SLVEC you should also add any contribution you make to the wiki documentation.
  • All wiki pages created about SLVEC need to be added to Category:SL Volunteer Education Center with [[Category:SL Volunteer Education Center]]
  • Please use the Suggestion Box for ideas to VTeam and use the Reservation box to put your name or group of names in for use of a kiosk location. The central buildings/kiosks have a number. Please include the number of the building/kiosk you would like to use. The notecard boxes are located on the SLVEC Island. Look for the big green particle beam.
  • Please do not place additional kiosks on SLVEC without VTeam approval.

Linguist Center

Out of Date

The volunteer information on this page is now out of date and will be kept for historical purposes. Please do not update information on this page.

  • Prim use per parcel: 80 Location
  • Each language building should have a sign/graphic displayed on the buildings right window showing what language that location uses.
  • Each language building should have an English wiki page documenting the goal, contributions by contributor name, item and date.
  • Each building may use a screen for presentations or slides on that parcel
  • Dispensers of other information should use minimal prims. If your dispenser offers one item please consider grouping it with other related information in a low prim dispenser.

Buddy Center

Welcome to the Buddy Center.

  • The Buddy Pagers or wall of boxes are connected to each Mentor Buddy's profile. This enables each Buddy to customize their own profile picture & thus customize their Buddy Pager. Your profile picture is what is displayed on your Buddy Pager when you are logged into Second Life. So if you would like your name to be visible then you can add your name on your profile pic. If you are offline your Buddy Pager will be black.
  • If you change your profile picture please note that the pagers on SLVEC update once a day. Probably at 0:00 SLT.
  • If you update your profile pic and by the next day your Buddy Pager does not update please check the following:
  1. On your Profile at the bottom be sure that "Show in Search" is selected.
  2. Your image for your pic is 512 x 512 or 256 x 256.
  3. If you still have issues with it after checking 1 & 2 and waiting for the pager to update then contact Mia Linden for assistance.
  • Need a Mentor Buddy?
  1. Click View at top of your screen.
  2. Click Hover Tips
  3. Click Tips on All Objects
  • Now you are ready to use the Buddy Pagers. If a Photo is showing that indicates that the Buddy is online.
  1. Hold your mouse over the image to get the Buddy's name.
  2. Click the Buddy's Image.
  3. You will get a response in Green Letters in Open Chat: [Your Selected Buddy's Name]: [Your Name], please say your message in one line and it will be sent.
  4. Now type your question in open chat, keep it brief. For example: Do you have the Babbler link or a better suggestion?

The Buddy Pager will respond in Green Letters in Open Chat:[Buddy's Name]: Thank you, [Your Name], your message has been sent.

  1. Your selected buddy will respond if available. If not, try another Buddy.
  • Not a Mentor Buddy but would like to be one?

Start here:


  • Auto-return will be set at 2 hours
  • Sandbox priority is for classes that require that type space (building, scripting etc)
  • Sandbox needs to be mentioned & reserved when a coach schedules their class on wiki
  • Sandbox should not be used as a stress test of any kind of building or scripting; those types of tests belong in public sandboxes or, if cleanup is possible and practical, on SLVIs

Theatre Center

  • Prim use per Theatre: 46
  • Theatre areas are first come first serve unless reserved within a wiki class schedule post.
  • Theatre presentations must be in the interest of volunteer education; not, for example, horror-movie popcorn parties.
  • URLs used during a class are to be removed when class is over and any previously existing URL put back in the parcel.
  • All items used during a class need to be picked up when class completes.
    • To use the theatre board for slides: drag and drop textures directly onto the board as needed. You will not retrieve these textures so make sure you keep a copy of your own. They will be purged by VTeam periodically.
    • The commands of Next or Back typed in chat will bring up the default blank media screen for video uses.

SLVEC Central

  • Please use prims wisely in this area

Large Shops

  • At this time large shops are set to basic subjects: Building, Scripting, Tools, Orientation and must be managed by a group of buddies or coaches. Once quarterly these buildings may be cleared.(TBA) If space becomes needed, we can add new buildings/kiosks to the area accordingly.
  • Wiki page documentation is needed. Please read General SLVEC Guidelines above.

Small Shops

  • Can be multiple vendors from 2 or more Mentors.
  • Free items (that function to assist volunteering) or topics that don't belong in a main building.
  • Once quarterly these buildings may be cleared.


  • One vendor location
  • Free items (that function to assist volunteering) or topics that don't belong in a main building.
  • Once quarterly these buildings may be cleared.

R&R Center

  • Prim Limit: 900
  • This is a shared area around the main classroom for orientation coaches. Coaches should group together to create a space for all to enjoy.
  • This area may be cleared once quarterly.

Orientation Center

  • This area also known as the Orientation Classroom is used mainly for orientation sessions. Other classes may use this stage if there is no orientation session scheduled.
  • Classes must be scheduled on the appropriate page.
  • Visitor counters that produce visible chat should not be left after a session is over.
  • All materials from classes or sessions should be removed after session is over.