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SL Volunteer Island

Second Life Volunteer Island is composed of islands that host attractions made useful for events, volunteer orientation, and training. The islands are volunteer-only, making them fantastic sandbox getaways!

Volunteers are welcome to design attractions, host events, and have guests on these islands. Please review the Second Life Volunteer Island Events/Attractions Policies link below for information on how YOU can utilize SL Volunteer Islands for your own attractions and events.

SLVI Events/Attractions Policies

Here Are Some Attractions Going On Right Now!

Waterslides, Tiki Huts, Stone Faces, Hot Tubs, Coves, Flora, Fish, and Beyond - all around the SL Volunteer Islands you'll find these scattered about for your enjoyment. Some are fine details, some are easter eggs, but all are for fun and relaxation!

  • SL Volunteer Island (SLVI)
    • Sandcastle Maze - Find its entrance at (205, 60, 22) ... the exit is a bit harder to find!
    • Ruins By The Wrestling Pit - Catchy eh? Stop by here for some scenic ruins by a wrestling pit!
    • Surf's Up - Check out the beaches at this side of the island--they rock for surfing and hanging out beside!
    • The Big Ship! Famed location of SLVDay's dancing and pie exploits!
    • SL Volunteers Cafe Great place to just sit and relax, created by Rhaorth Antonelli. Come on in sit for a spell, have a snack or a drink while you are here.
    • Underwater Gallery Really immersive gallery with hang out on the roof
    • Tranquility Hut PTSD Support and focus group meeting place for people in SL who suffer with or are living with people who suffer from all types of mental health problems , I know its not all bright and breezy folk's but i bet we all know someone who could use a meeting place to talk with other's?
    • Mental Mentors Common Room Right next door to the SL Mentor Freebie and Information Centre. 20 by 20 dance floor on the lower level, chill-out area on the 2nd level and a firing range on the roof.If you would like to donate items to this build send Rails Bailey your request on a notecard.

**~SL Mentor Freebie information Center~** A comprehensive Second Life Mentor Freebie information Center has been established on one of the SL Volunteer Islands. Coords are - 242, 155, 22 The purpose of this store is for the Volunteers to come and choose item's to give to those New Residents coming into Second Life. It also contains valuable infomation for the all of SL Mentors. Ex: Updated TAO, Info HUBS You cant miss it, a large ship is moored next door. The building that houses the freebies was donated by Contessa Marquez. Facilities on-site: A large deck building area has been attached to one side of the build. A Prim finder is on-site in the build area. Custom designed and donated by Rails Bailey. A fully loaded paradise blanket is available for use, and a Trivia game is located on the lower floor. Fishing Station, for those treasured quiet moments This was built to assist mentors in helping others in Second Life. Its a community project. If you have any suggestions on how this can be improved, drop a notecard in the suggestion box provided

If you would like to donate items to this build send Contessa Marquez or Rails Bailey your request on a notecard.

  • SL Volunteer Island S (SLVIS)
    • The ThinkDome - A quiet, badly-cracked gardendome with little of note except access to a prim-rezzer and a knowledge fruit tree... What's a knowledge fruit tree anyway?
    • Shorgin's Public Rest and Play Station - A nice place to hang and relax, with room to build and create inside and out! Posing stands inside for easy aligments. Free items as I find them for ALL Mentors and Volenters! Come on down and Enjoy!
    • Dutch Volunteer Beachclub (work in progess!) - Special place for Dutch volunteers to hang out and have fun. Other menters are very welcome too offcourse to hang out! :-)
    • Sky Field - Ride the express elevator up 1500m to the platform and enjoy the wide open vistas. Try your hand at ultra high building.
    • Skypod Photostudio - its a skypod studio. With an N30 Photostudio and accessories in it. Plus various modeling photos from susan Snookums portfolio.
    • K&M RECREATION AREA - Helping people specially Newbie give us a feeling that sum1 need us and it feels good, but being a Mentor isnt easy, its an interresting and hard task too. Feeling tired and need a break? Why not visit K&M Recreation Area at .... All are welcome and Feel at home. Click Link for more Info. More Stuff added soon.
    • Tiki-Style Class Room - A little Class Room with working Flipchart and Bulletin Board, after Class Party Location and free JetSki Riding. Class Room TP)D

  • SL Volunteer Island SW (SLVISW)
    • The Spam Museum - A collection of pictures and items sent out in the Mental Mentors group.
    • The Road and Garden - An early infrastructure built around the spam museum to organise the planned growth on this island and garden to leave some free green space for (random (shit))chatting. Kerunix Flan 16:11, 11 August 2007 (PDT)
    • Borrowdale Pier Stage - Beautiful stage by the water, found at the edge of the central island.
    • Island of Relaxation - Little Island in the middle of everything to relax from all the stresses of Volunteering with Shamooo the Resident Whale! More to Come! All are welcome! (SL Volunteer Island SW 238,40,22)
    • Office Building - Expanding office building Katie Kellner and Stewart Saru own. If you want to have an office in it just ask one of us. We will expand it more and you can put your office down. (Note: Mentor offices will be used for hanging out basically or get away from the public.) The green windows design however may change seeing as how I walked right into one.(SL Volunteer Island SW 88,166,21)
    • Don Misfit's Volunteer Hangout - A nice spot to sit and chat... and to try out a few silly activities:
      • the Amazing Vacuum Tube (warning: it *will* send you up and flying across the region)
      • the Ring Swing (get an instructions notecard from the sign)
      • the Target Jumping game (get an instructions notecard from the sign)
      • Also, be sure to pick up a copy of my Wearable Slide Show for Mentors (details)
      • and a Free-for-Volunteers copy of my See Me HUD!
      • (SL Volunteer Island SW 224,70,21)
    • Beaver Lodge - Nestled high in the sky above The Spam Museum, Beaver Lodge is a great place for Volunteers to kick back, play crib, dance, arm wrestle, or soak in the hot tub. Beaver Lodge "Where All Volunteers are Welcome and All Lindens are Tolerated :)" (SL Volunteer Island SW 39,157,710)
    • St. Louis Arch - St. Louisans are proud of their city, and we want to share our lovely city with you! If you area St. Louisan, either past or present, please post a picture of it on a box roughly the same size as the others, and see who is from the STL!
    • Mc-Beth's Grog of Rum Tavern - Come sit dockside at the tables or bar for some great drinks and company. Or dance over the water to some great music. Ride the shark just off the dock! All volunteers and Lindens welcome!
    • Paradise Blanket - Fully loaded Paradise Blanket for everyone to enjoy. For those of you not familiar with the PB, sit on it and use menu. It will temporarily rez a themed room at selected altitude. Over 30 rooms (clubs, parks, skating rink, etc.) Up to 8 people can enjoy it at once.
    • Firing Range - From the (ficticious) Griefer Response Unit comes this 50m firing range to unload your stress or test your home built weaponry. The target comes straight from the Weapons Testing Sandbox and lists number of bullets and damage. A nice freebie K98 Mauser carbine is available for all. The textures used in this build and a camo uniform are also up for grabs. And more will follow! Land your chopper, moor your boat or just TP straight in:

  • SL Volunteer Island W (SLVIW)
    • Media Center and free resources for volunteers by Petronilla Paperdoll - Take a comfy seat and leaf through SL free newspapers, read breaking news and profit from Paperdoll's Quality Freebies and free resouces for volunteers. There is a huge collection of SL media, but please feel free to let me know about new/different ones: I will add them at once. More to come... Location:
    • Meditation center, An eastern themed place where you can meditate. Wonder around and feel the positive energy that it emits. As we all come across the ventilation of frustration by some beings its a nice retreat. Also to uphold the positive work and vibes into the mentors group i can and will give personal advice when asked. Of course we know that we have to help eachother when asked so feel free to ask for any guidance and it dousn't mather if it is sl or rl related.

As all is always a reflection of your inner state of being and we are here and now to learn true experiance then its wise to use guidance of someone that can't thell you what you already know but can point at it. Hence the nickname ToThePoint Garfield. A humble being that acts upon and with " all that is ".

  • Check out the beaches at this side of the island--they rock for surfing and hanging out beside!
    • Play some drums, play chess, hang in the huge tent, go diving, jump off the rope or just relax
    • SL Italian Speaking Mentor Area
      • Located,
      • Check out (the area is underconstruction 80% done)
      • A great place to relax and watch the sunset.
      • Almost everything you see here, done by Michel Lemmon and Aliceinwire Bleac is free to copy and feel free to distribute (is not allowed sell this items) always with the intention you use it to learn or take new ideas.
      • Make of this space your space of culture and sharing, for an always better SL!
      • Anyone wishing to talk about the group or know anyone who may wish to talk with the group , IM Michel Lemmon or aliceinwire Bleac

  • SL Volunteer Island OI (SLVOI)
    • Grab an Orientation Guide attachment from the center and feel free to walk through Orientation Island on your own!
    • You can allso grab an Orientation Guide from Kiosk #32 at the SLVEC. This shop is maintained by Neovo Geesink

  • SL Volunteer Island HI (SLVHI)
    • Feel free to explore the most current Help Island in Second Life. This Help Island uses its sandbox area as the main stage for Second Life Volunteer Orientation!