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SL Volunteer Island

As of May, 2008, VTeam is happy to unveil the remodeling of SL Volunteer Islands! Last year's experiment with low management structure on the islands proved to manifest a creative jungle gym for the many Mentors who participated. This year, we have a new structure in place that will allow you to continue to add your creative and functional contributions the island, but with a new land management system that will be conducive to greater agency among each Mentor who gets involved. Please continue on to the SLVI Events/Attractions Policies article for information on how YOU can utilize SL Volunteer Islands for your own attractions and events.

Lottery Results June 2008

The follow are the second Life Mentors who have won the use of a parcel on one of the SLVIs in the lottery drawing.

Lottery Results
Anita Cassini Risa Oppewall Lindal Kidd Calla Cela
Elwin Jacobus Joslyn Bonetto Malarwen Hall Thorval Ayoob
Karin Redgrave Ludo Merit Spider Mycron tpglourenco forcella
Lore Lamont Shorty Rau Nitram Foden Sylvia Campbell
wavinggirlsav Voom Raven Dulce Rip Vale Asriazh Frye
GamaTotchi Yoshikawa Saxet Uralia Hazelee Haller Radioactive Rosca
Jai Zucker Errafel Eccleston Kuroyanagi Habsburg Catherine Soderstrom
Balthazar Sin Rusty Cleanslate Aya Pelous Iknow Tomorrow
Thalia Tal Intra Fraina Jordon Allen Xadia Katscher
Rails Bailey Johny Juergens Khloe Carter Holger Gilruth
Marquis Delacroix Snow Fargis Sullybaby Gomez Silvana Schnyder
Rob Demar Michel Lemmon Calypso DeSantis Edward Griffith
Darla Catteneo Orange Planer Autumn Thatch Golan Eilde
Faithless Babii Shadow Pigeon Gellan Glenelg Bailey Longcloth
Emily Darrow Jezzie McCellan Ferd Frederix LassDream McMachon
Marimar Berchot Japie Achterbahn Brujah Fortitude Doctor Gascoigne

Volunteer Islands Attractions June 2008

  • SLVI:

  • SLVIW:


  • SLVIS:

Doc's Mentor Clinic - The Clinic is back! stop by and decompress and hang out with some mentors.

Radioactive's Skydiving - After going to Doc's Mentor Clinic, you can go Skydiving at , but please take a Parachute with you or you'll be back to the Clinic in a bad shape... Have fun. Rui @ Portugal, Radioactive Rosca

A Pun Garden - This is a pun place to visit. Part puzzle, part garden, all silly, this is a garden of visual puns. Explore and see if you can guess the pun. Click on the objects for and answer. WARNING: Some of these puns are real groaners, so please have some tolerance and punderstanding.

  • Please note, that if for any reason your parcel is returned to VTeam ownership, the land will be transferred to a Mentor on our "next in line" list of names. All lottery winners and "next in line" names were chosen at random.
  • No region changes, parcel combinations, or parcel ownership swaps.