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Constant: integer STATUS_BLOCK_GRAB = 0x40;

The integer constant STATUS_BLOCK_GRAB has the value 0x40

This status flag keeps the object from being grabbed.

This means when a user tries to grab a physical object with this flag enabled, they will be unable to manipulate the object.

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Constants Value Description
STATUS_PHYSICS 0x001 Object is physical
STATUS_ROTATE_X 0x002 Can turn along this axis (physical objects only)
STATUS_ROTATE_Y 0x004 Can turn along this axis (physical objects only)
STATUS_ROTATE_Z 0x008 Can turn along this axis (physical objects only)
STATUS_PHANTOM 0x010 Object is phantom
STATUS_SANDBOX 0x020 Keep object within 10 meters and in the same region
Constants Value Description
STATUS_BLOCK_GRAB 0x040 Prevent click-and-drag movement on the root prim
STATUS_DIE_AT_EDGE 0x080 delete and do not return object if it goes off world
STATUS_RETURN_AT_EDGE 0x100 return object to owner if it goes off world
STATUS_CAST_SHADOWS 0x200 not currently used
STATUS_BLOCK_GRAB_OBJECT 0x400 Prevent click-and-drag movement on all prims in the object


•  llDetectedGrab
•  llSetStatus
•  llGetStatus


•  Touch


Due to SVC-1773, in order to block grabbing in a link_set, unlink the whole object (make sure it isn't physical when you do that) and drop this script into every prim (it self deletes) then re-link the set.<lsl>default {

       llSetStatus(STATUS_BLOCK_GRAB, TRUE);


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   STATUS_BLOCK_GRAB only affects individual prims in a linkset


integer STATUS_BLOCK_GRAB = 0x40;