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== See also ==
* [[Sculpted_Prims:_3d_Software_Guide|Sculpted Prims: 3D Software Guide]]
* [[Sculpted_Prims:_FAQ|Sculpted Prims: FAQ]]
[[Category:Sculpted Prims]]
[[Category:Sculpted Prims]]

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About this page

Add your sculpt maps and textures for use with sculpted prims to this page — or share the ones you have already uploaded into Second Life!

Sculpt Map Packages

Sculpt Maps in Beta Inventory

A Plate of Fruit made with Sculpted Prims
Rounded Cube
Chamfered Cube

  • Author's Note: The Rough Chamfered Cube Sculpt Map was made with the vertices all bunched up at the round parts to show more rounded detail, hopefully they'll look very smooth with a plain color or low-detail texture applied, I think a detailed texture would have the detail stretched across the flat parts with this one

Sharing Sculpt Maps, Textures and Prims

If you want to share sculpt maps (shapes), textures or sculpted prims that you have uploaded, please list them below.

  1. Inspect the object's properties in-world and note the UUID.
  2. Choose the appropriate grid section below.
  3. Choose a meaningful name and add it in alphabetical order.
  4. Specify if it's a sculpted prim, sculpt map or a texture.
  5. Specify the UUID, or if it's in an object, its exact in-world location.
  6. If you want to list a sculpt texture for a sculpt map listed here, use the bullet list, and if you like, link the name to a snapshot of the rendered prim.

Description Object Type UUID Location Snapshot
Beta Grid
Apple (default) sculpt map cd539e52-36d7-f88e-9153-a11a59642a5f n/a n/a
Apple (default) texture 6c0253e0-4d81-78d5-332d-a87a5641df51 n/a snapshot
Banana (default) sculpt map Sandbox IslandD n/a
Egg (poles at ends) sculpt map a3626104-26a5-c4e6-71a9-e2c3f640b001 n/a
Egg (poles on sides) sculpt map 3ff8e2b4-9ba1-edc8-1bc3-3edfd2b15413 n/a
Main Grid
Teen Grid

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