SecondAbility Mentors Code of Conduct

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== Code of conduct: ==

As a SecondAbility Mentor you will be representing all of us. With this in mind it is important for all of us to maintain a certain level of professionalism as we go about our duties. This guide does not intend to list every possible situation that you may encounter instead it is meant as a general guide line.

  1. Be respectful, Even when faced with adversity or hostility. Remember you are the Mentor here, you have to maintain a professional and well reasoned demeanor. Attempt to diffuse the situation if at all possible.
  2. Be Accepting of others, Here in second life people have the ability to be whatever they want to be. You're primary focus should be on the person behind the avatar, regardless of your own personal feelings about their choice of appearance, size, species, or gender.
  3. Be honest, Never pretend that you understand something you don't. None of us are professionals here if you don't understand a disability or know how to help someone find someone who does or admit that you don't know and be willing to learn.
  4. Maintain Confidence, As a Mentor we are often entrusted with personal information and may be called upon to help with issue that are private or of a sensitive nature. Always respect the privacy of everyone who comes to you for help. If you think you need to bring someone else into the conversation ask first. Never share private communications without permission. There are however exceptions to this rule, a persons right to privacy does not prevent you from reporting any threats of violence against themselves of another.
  5. Be Patient, Dealing with some people requires a great deal of patience. There may be reasons why someone is slow to respond or reply.
  6. Know your limits, We are not trained professionals we do not have the necessary training or education to treat, cure, or diagnose conditions. If you think someone is in need or professional help either medical or psychological then refer them to a professional.
  7. Avoid Judgments, We are not here to judge or find fault with anyone, keep your advice related to yourself instead of others. Saying things like "You should..." or "You need to..." are judgments. Instead try to use phrases like, "In that situation, I would..." or "I think the best thing to do is...". These "I" phrases do not judge the person you are speaking to and they present them with advice in way that makes the decision theirs.
  8. SecondAbility Mentors is a group providing volunteer services and not to be used for the promotion of any specific service or business.
  9. The Second Life Mentors Tao of Volunteers has the basic principles that all SecondAbility Mentors must abide by. These are important standards and help create a good impression of SecondAbility mentors and Second Life. (All SAM member regardless if they are Second Life Mentors are expected to abide by the basic principle of the SL Mentor Tao of Volunteers.)
  10. Sexual harassment of any sort will not be tolerated. Unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature constitute sexual harassment. You are encouraged to help residents with sexual and/or sexuality based questions, but only if specifically approached on the subject.