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We recently moved the Second Life Wiki to a new server host. As part of this, we upgraded to Mediawiki version 1.15.5, and made corresponding upgrades to related software some of the extensions. For details, see Special:Version. This will result is overall better performance and reliability for the site.

Although we tried to ensure that the change would be transparent to wiki users, there are a few open issues that we are still resolving, detailed below.

Known issues

We are working to correct these issues as quickly as possible, but we cannot say for certain when they will be resolved.

  • Imagemap extension - We upgraded to the latest version of the ImageMap extension. There is a backward-incompatibility for image maps that have polygons with an odd number of coordinates. To correct this, make sure that all polygons have an even number of coordinates. See Wiki_Acceptance_Tests#ImageMap for details.
  • Default breadcrumbs - The default breadcrumb for sub-pages that do not otherwise have a breadcrumb determined by a category does not currently work. The default breadcrumb is defined in Template:DefaultBreadcrumb. For a temporary fix click here.
  • Single user name login - New users who have a single username, rather than the old "FirstName LastName" username cannot currently log in to the wiki. These users can read all wiki articles, but they cannot edit.
  • Some templates not working when not logged in - In certain cases, some complex templates do not display properly when you are not logged in, though they work properly when you are logged in. For example, compare LlKey2Name when logged in versus not logged in.