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Issues pertaining to the security of Second Life should be emailed to the Second Life Security mailing list rather than posted on Emailing them directly to Linden Lab helps us keep Second Life secure!

So just what constitutes a security issue? If an issue poses any of the following threats to Second Life, its Residents or content, then it is an exploit and should be reported:

  • exposes real life resident identity without consent
  • destroys content
  • permits unauthorized access to Second Life/Linden Lab resources
  • compromises a client or server host subjecting it to remote control

When reporting an exploit, please provide as much detail as possible, including the environment used (e.g. Windows XP Service Pack 2, Nvidia 6800 etc ) and the complete reproduction case. Linden Lab offers a L$10,000 bounty for each previously unknown exploit that can be verified. We encourage you to submit security issues via email as soon as they are discovered!

See issue tracker for information about filing other issues.