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** [[Release_Notes/Second_Life_RC_Magnum/14#]]
** [[Release_Notes/Second_Life_RC_Magnum/14#]]
* There’s an upcoming maintenance project
** Includes some crash fixes
** Fixes {{Jira|SVC-2262}} Incorrect height value in postcard which sent from above 256m.
** Re-fixes {{Jira|BUG-6466}} “Numbers expressed in scientific notation and include a plus sign in the exponent are not parsed as json numbers by LSL”
** It will probably go to RC next week
==== Texture And Mesh Fetch Testing ====
==== Texture And Mesh Fetch Testing ====
* A new texture/mesh asset fetching service is up on Aditi for testing
* A new texture/mesh asset fetching service is up on Aditi for testing

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This is the meeting tracking and progress page for the weekly Server BETA QA Meeting, moderated by Maestro Linden. Please contact him on AGNI for more information. You can join the Second Life Beta group for updates.

The next meeting is Thursday, August 28 2014, 3PM PDT at MorrisD on the preview grid, ADITI.



Texture And Mesh Fetch Testing

  • A new texture/mesh asset fetching service is up on Aditi for testing
    • No special viewer support required (works with the Second Life 3.7.14 release viewer
    • Sims which use this service have the viewer fetch meshes and textures from a CDN, rather than through the sim host
    • This is accomplished by changing the URLs the viewer receives for GetMesh, GetMesh2, and GetTexture capabilities
    • The advantage of this approach is twofold
      • The sim isn’t burdened with texture and mesh asset requests
      • The CDN is globally distributed, so viewers located far away from the sim host will enjoy faster speeds (due to lower latency) when fetching these assets
    • This service is live on Aditi now, in the “DRTSIM-258” channel
      • Region “TextureTest CDN” on DRTSIM-258 contains about 5650 textures to download, when viewed from the parcel TP location with 512m draw distance
      • Region “MeshTest2H” on DRTSIM-258 contains about 5170 meshes to download, when viewed from the parcel TP location with 512m draw distance
      • For comparison, regions “MeshTest2” and “TextureTest SLS” on the “Second Life Server” channel have the same content but use the ‘classic’ asset fetching method
    • Performance results thus far
      • Maestro and April ran some benchmarks from the office
        • In the mesh test regions,
          • On DRTSIM-258 (using the CDN), all the meshes are fetched very consistently, within ~51 seconds
          • On SLS (not using the CDN), mesh fetch time averages ~78 seconds, with varied results
        • In the texture test regions,
          • On DRTSIM-258 (using the CDN), texture fetch time is about 43 seconds
          • On SLS (not using the CDN), texture fetch time is about 105 seconds
      • Early results from Europe are also very promising (appear to show about a 2x speedup in loading time with the CDN, compared to without)
      • Recommended test setup
        • Clear cache prior to test (deleting the viewer’s cache folder is a pretty convenient method)
        • Do a preliminary run before benchmarking to 'warm' the cache (applies to both CDN and simhost texture fetching)
        • Login directly to the test region
        • No other avatars around
        • Draw distance set to 512m
        • Maximum bandwidth set to 10000kbps
        • Viewer always kept in focus (otherwise FPS is capped at ~20fps, possibly affecting fetch performance)
        • Don’t touch the camera
        • For mesh benchmarking, we used the 'Mesh Download Quiescent' message in the viewer log. This message triggers when the viewer has fetched all the meshes it wants, and prints the fetch start and stop times (used to compute duration)
        • For texture benchmarking, we used time from hitting the ‘login’ button until the time until the texture console (Develop -> Consoles -> Texture Console) indicated that 0 textures were remaining to be fetched, with “Fetch 0(0)”
          • Because of the delay involved when logging in, this texture fetch benchmark is much less precise than what we have for meshes
    • Feel free to try it for yourselves! (please be gentle..)

Skill Gaming Test Region

  • There’s a skill gaming test region up on Agni
    • Linden-owned region Crunchy is set up as a gaming region on a private estate
    • No actual games are being played there, except “can you access the region?”.

Map Tile Fetching

Similar to #Texture_And_Mesh_Fetch_Testing above, we are working on using a CDN for world map tile fetching. The world map CDN is now grid-wide on Aditi, for testing. The change is that upon login, the login server gives you a CDN URL for map tiles, rather than the usual Amazon S3 URL. Fetching map tiles from the CDN should be faster, in general, due to geographic proximity of the CDN servers.

You can detect which URL the viewer is using for map tiles by this viewer log message:

INFO: process_login_success_response: map-server-url : we got an answer from the grid : http://maps-cdn.dev.lindenlab.com/aditi/

Is the world map loading for you on Aditi?

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