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This is the meeting tracking and progress page for the weekly Server BETA QA Meeting, moderated by Maestro Linden. Please contact him on AGNI for more information. You can join the Second Life Beta group for updates.

The next meeting is Thursday, April 4 2013, 3PM PDT at MorrisD on the preview grid, ADITI.



Upcoming Stuff

  • Monty's server HTTP changes are edging nearer to RC
    • 'Last call for testing on Aditi'

Interesting Stuff

Any Other Items

Added by Rohacan Hirons, please take a look at this feature : avatar rotation by script : Edit : Sorry I forget to update this other item. We talked about this in the meeting last tuesday, I think we can delete this item from this page now ?

Added by Jenna Felton: A few questions about new animation override system (

  • Reason: Due a test i overrided some animations (walk, sit, stand) on LeTigre and went to MC where the functions are not available, i get an error when i try to override the animations. But the overridden animations were stil overidden. I ssen them myself, as well a friend of mine who definitelly has not seen me when i on LeTigre overridden the animations - hence could not download the animations while performed function call. We discussed than the new serverside AO with these questions.
  • It seems that not the server stores the overriding animations but the viewer - this explains why the new animation is stil available and sent to the watching viewer because the server can not do that. Is that true?
  • When it is true, is there a way to prevent a copybooting viewer to rip the UUID of the animation-of-interest and run it simply by pretending to have overridden the default animations? This is a very imortant for the animation and AO sellers.
  • Another question: The animation state is given by string and not integer constants. Is it planed to override also other animation, not just defaulsts?
  • Is there a reason, "typing" and "Swiming" are not in the list of animation states?

Open Items

Minutes from Previous Meetings