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This is the meeting tracking and progress page for the weekly Server BETA QA Meeting, moderated by Caleb Linden. Please contact him on AGNI for more information. You can join the Second Life Beta group for updates.

The next meeting is Thursday, December 18th 2014, 3PM PST at MorrisD on the preview grid, ADITI. The following Server Beta User Group will resume on January 8th 2014, 3PM PST. Happy Holidays!


  • RC Channel Update


  • New Group Chat went out this week
  • Experience Tools are now on the Main Channel
    • Fixes BUG-7595 Allowed & Blocked experiences persist with parcel owner change after purchase or abandoning.
    • Fixes BUG-7036 Experience based scripts in attached child prims reference their operation by region position instead of root position like non-experience based scripts.
    • BUG-7048 llGetExperienceDetails() returns 4 for state and "operation not permitted" for state message while over mainland parcels that have the experience allowed.
    • BUG-6757 Different error code returned for an Experience that is not permitted to run on a parcel / region OR a user clicked No on the permission request dialog
    • Additional internal Experience Key fixes
    • To find experiences with all unicode names you have to leave the search field blank and page through all results
  • No RC Rolls
  • A CDN test happened this morning
    • Between about 08:00 and 10:00 PST today on BlueSteel RC, we tested a more flexible CDN configuration for textures and meshes
    • This new setup will allow us to more dynamically direct viewers to use one CDN vs another, via DNS magic
    • Once it goes out, mesh and texture asset fetching will be more resilient against network outages
    • More details will be announced later

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