Setting your Home location

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Your Home location can be a center point of your Second Life experience. You can choose to always log in at your Home location. You can always teleport straight to your Home location by opening the World menu and selecting Teleport Home. Most of all, if you happen to wander (or intentionally march) into a damage-enabled area and are killed, death instantly teleports you back to your Home location (thankfully, none the worse for the experience). To set Home, go to the World menu and select Set Home To Here. There are three types of land you can set Home to: 1) Land you own. 2) Land owned by a group you belong to. You may have to activate the group (see How do I change the title in front of my name? ) to set Home there. The land must be deeded to the group, not just "set" to the group. 3) Mainland Infohubs. If you want to always log in at your Home location, see How do I log in at Home?