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Range Used

Start/NPL End Count Date Official 2007-09-?? *Yes 2007-11-19 *Yes 2007-10-19 *Yes 2007-04-?? *Yes 2007-04-?? *Yes 2008-02-04Yes
Total Number of addresses: 22528

Date fields marked with * indicate that the date does not match with that of ARIN's records

There can be up to 4 regions per server under the current configuration. When a region is taken down and brought back up it may not be on the same server.


Ranges Owned by Linden Lab

Registered with ARIN as of 2008-12-15

Start/NPL End Count Date 2007-10-19 2007-10-19 2007-12-06 2007-10-19* 2007-10-19 2007-11-14 2006-06-03* 2003-01-15 2008-02-04
Total Number of addresses: 21624
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