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Some portions of the UI are dependent on the same piece of artwork. This is a list of artwork that has multiple uses, and what those uses are. If you're creating a new skin from scratch and wondering why a particular texture is showing up some place it shouldn't, or why a value is having an unexpected effect, this list might help you.


  • Background texture for the loading bar.
  • Horizontal/Vertical scrollbars.
  • Background texture for the scrollbars.
  • Background texture for avatar names.
  • Background texture for avatar and object tooltips.
  • Background texture for friends online notifications, alerts, and dialog boxes (but not group notices).
  • Background texture for inworld chat.
  • Background texture for the rgb position of prims at the top of the screen.

If rounded_square.tga isn't the right dimension it'll fail to load for everything but notifications and the scrollbar.


  • Left portion of the Communicate button.
  • Left portion of the play/pause/stop buttons.


  • Right portion of the Communicate button.
  • Right portion of the play/pause/stop buttons.


  • All buttons not in the toolbar, including release keys, buttons in floaters, and the connect/quit buttons on startup
  • Background texture for Active Speakers.
  • Background texture for info buttons like (?).
  • Background texture for audio settings and voice flyouts.


  • Background texture for the combobox (i.e. "Gestures").
  • Background texture for sortable list headers (i.e. "Name" and Volume in Active Speakers). Exception: the icon headers in the Friends List. Those backgrounds are included with the icons themselves.