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What is a hardcoded limit?

A hardcoded limit is a limit on functionality by design. This is a list of hard coded limits in the current XUI implementation that limit just what a viewer skin can do. All of these are specific limitations that exist within the way the viewer handles certain elements of the user interface. This page is for addressing shortcomings in the current xml files, and should not be confused with the need for a fully scriptable interface.

Under construction.

not able to set in XML

At least, not yet. As Skinning project progresses, these should be addressed.

  • Text color of logged Chat text
    • The color used to display previously logged chat in IM windows (also the color used for timestamps [00:00]) is hard-coded in the C++ code.
  • Advanced/Admin menu options are hard-coded, and cannot be set by xml or moved into the main viewer menus without modifying the source.
  • Menu entries for Attach/Detach Object and Take Off Clothing.
  • Background color for inventory window (the treeview, ie, opening folders with objects etc.
    • UPDATE: This is now settable with the entry InventoryBackgroundColor! The default value is "255, 255, 255, 80".


Certain elements of the viewer cannot be specifically colored. These are:

  • Text color of the pie menu, inventory, and menus.
    • All three are controlled by MenuItemDisabledColor and MenuItemEnabledColor and cannot be individually changed, even though their backgrounds can be set to different colors.
  • Colors for chat, such as Owner say, Object say, etc.