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The "Release Keys" button is part of panel_overlaybar.xml. This file controls the toolbar portions that aren't part of the main toolbar, such as the chat bar, media controls, voice controls, as well as the "Release Keys", "IM Received", "Set Not Busy", "Mouselook," and "Stand Up" buttons.

Removing Release Keys

In 1.20+ all layout settings are in the en-us folder. To remove the release keys button:

  1. Browse to \SecondLife\skins\default\xui\en-us\ for 1.20, or \SecondLife\skins\xui\en-us\ for version
  2. Open panel_overlaybar.xml in a text or xml editor.
  3. Scroll down the file about halfway. You'll see a row of <button> tags.
  4. Find:
<button bottom="1" follows="left|bottom" font="SansSerif" halign="center" height="20"
 label="Release Keys" label_selected="Release Keys" left="229"
 name="Release Keys" scale_image="true"
 tool_tip="A script has taken control of your keys. Click here to release them."
 width="102" />
  1. Delete this section.
  2. Save and relog. The "Release Keys" button will now be gone.