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* '''[]''' - German Second Life Community Pics
* '''[]''' - German Second Life Community Pics
* '''[ Mixoom] - Formally known as SL Buzz.
== Tools ==
== Tools ==

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The following consists of miscellaneous info which often isn't easy to find, but very useful if you take Second Life Snapshots, including postcards. Historically, documentation in this area has been sparse, and Residents have provided some great resources, so this is an ongoing endeavor at compiling those in an easy place — please help keep this updated!


A state of snapshots

^ Torley's personal notes on how things've come to be.


  • Vint Falken's tutorials - Vint serves up fabulous slices of knowhow with a specialization in beautiful post-processing of your inworld shots.
  • Advanced Snapshot Tips - collection of tips by the community regarding snapshots.

Video tutorials

How to take a snapshot

How to send a postcard

Watch more video tutorials!

Social sites featuring snapshots

  • Snapzilla - The original pioneer to really make use of postcards in such a widespread manner, its success has encouraged many Residents to share their inworld memories.
  • Koinup - The first social network for all virtual world residents, and also has the ability to send inworld postcards to your Koinup gallery.
  • SLBuzz - Postcards are part of SLBuzz's community site offerings. It also allows uploading of photos from your hard drive.
  • SL Profiles - This page allows you to quickly add SL pictures to your profile on this community site.
  • blogHUD - Use this gadget to send send your postcards to the web.


  • Picnik (free version available, web-based) - Online image editor super-easy to edit your snapshots (in both basic and more fun ways), then post them on the web, or save back to hard drive. Integrates seamlessly with Flickr. See Torley's review.
  • ReNamer (free, Windows-only) - Batch-renames your files. Great for taking a heap of snapshots named "Snapshot" and turning them into something more descriptive. Also see Torley's review.
  • Autostitch (free, Windows-only, Mac and Linux versions planned) - Easy-to-use 2D image stitcher that turn a collection of snapshots into a breathtaking, wide-angle panorama. Also see Torley's tutorial on how to specifically use it with Second Life.
  • virtualPhotographer (free, Windows-only) - Incredibly tasty little Photoshop plugin to add extra "pop" to your snapshots. Had a nice collection of presets and can simulate film grain, sepia, bloom, etc.

Also see Texture_Tools for image editors and more.

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