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Sometimes a swim bracelet, dance bracelet, or other such object can produce unwanted animations or errors. If you are wearing the object, detach it from your avatar or use the Release Keys option.

How do I detach an object?

There are a few ways you can detach objects from your avatar.

  • From the viewer menu, select Edit > Detach Object and select the object from the drop-down list.
  • Open your Inventory window then type “(worn” in the search bar. Locate the object, right click on it and select detach.
  • From your avatar, right click on the worn object and select detach.

The object is rezzed inworld and it is still animating my avatar.

If you have dropped an object on the ground which is animating your avatar, follow these steps to stop the animation:

  1. Locate the rezzed object.
  2. Right-click on it and select Take.
  3. Locate the object in your inventory, right-click on it and select Wear.
  4. Detach the object.

A simple wear-and-detach can often "reset" unexpected scripting problems in attachments.