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This is an automatically generated list of resident-contributed source code from the release of the Second Life viewer. For the latest list of contributions, please see the doc/contributions.txt file for the version of the viewer you are interested in.

Able Whitman

  • VWR-650 - Patch to Address Debit Permission Spoofing
  • VWR-1460 - Can not see permissions of objects in Buy Contents window when item has long name
  • VWR-1691 - Cannot add to group without calling cards in inventory

Alejandro Rosenthal

  • VWR-1184 - [Linux VWR] Signal 7 (SIGBUS) Error (caused by libtcmalloc)

Alissa Sabre

  • VWR-81 - Non-Latin characters such as Japanese Kanji or Korean Hangul appear as does/lines
  • VWR-83 - A typo in program-examined string constant.
  • VWR-109 - Characters from fallback fonts don't scale properly
  • VWR-157 - incorrect line endings in tar.gz source packages
  • VWR-171 - Deployment configuration can't find libares
  • VWR-177 - Cut-and-Paste of Non-ASCII characters to old Applications doesn't work well on Windows
  • VWR-213 - Calling DestroyWindow with NULL window handle (win32 version)
  • VWR-251 - Keystrokes are eaten by IME when no text input is possible, on Windows using Japanese
  • VWR-286 - Misuse of return value from setlocale() on Linux
  • VWR-414 - A comment line in llagent.cpp contains garbage byte.
  • VWR-415 - Definitions of WM_MOUSEWHEEL and WHEEL_DELTA need conditionals (on Windows)
  • VWR-459 - Unicode supplementary characters typed in from keybaord are not handled properly on Windows (and potentially on Linux)
  • VWR-606 - Some source files (llprocessor.cpp and llsdserialize_tut.cpp) contain non-ASCII characters
  • VWR-652 - A harmless compiler warning in indra.l.cpp
  • VWR-738 - SL crashes when loading with a GTK_IM scim module
  • VWR-1109 - Some source files in *.zip source distribution contain lines that end with LF only
  • VWR-1351 - Violation against the conding standard in llfloaterchat.cpp
  • VWR-1353 - Misleading variable names in LLTextEditor
  • VWR-1410 - Quirk in net.cpp
  • VWR-2116 - Viewer crashes when starting a new Group IM session under Japanese UI

Argent Stonecutter

  • VWR-68 - indra.l: the code to parse constants is too loose.

Benja Kepler

  • VWR-746 - Incorrect menu item referred to when member of maximum number of groups and a group invite is received

Blakar Ogre

  • VWR-881 - 32x32 textures sculptures are incorrectly handled
  • VWR-1612 - LLRenderPass::Pushbatch and LLViewerImage::addTextureStats tuning
  • VWR-1613 - Overuse of virtual

blino Nakamura

  • VWR-17 - slviewer does not build with gcc 4

Boroondas Gupte

bushing Spatula

  • VWR-119 - Zero missing in Sub-unit snap grid. for small fraction like 1/16 and 1/32
  • VWR-424 - Crashes shortly after login.

Catherine Pfeffer

  • VWR-1282 - Better error handling when fonts are missing

Dale Glass

  • VWR-120 - Patch for separate color for llOwnerSay
  • VWR-560 - Crash in llscrolllistctl.cpp when sorting scroll list
  • VWR-1358 - Physical objects remain red if tools window is closed while holding Alt key
  • VWR-2041 - Allow using voice component on another computer

Drewan Keats

  • VWR-28 - Client crash in People search with Picks tab
  • VWR-248 - Inexplicable folding of Avatars such that they are walking around with their heads up their arses
  • VWR-412 - Object editing arrows hidden but clickable on objects you can't edit.
  • VWR-638 - Turning off flexible objects in debug menu leads to instability/crashes
  • VWR-660 - When turning off Flexible Object rendering, flexible objects become permanently invisible

Dylan Haskell

  • VWR-72 - LLOctree crash on gcc4

Dzonatas Sol

  • VWR-187 - llpreprocessor.h: implement LL_GNUC & LL_MSVC for ease of compiler differences
  • VWR-198 - Missing line of code in source on FFSAVE_WAV
  • VWR-777 - indra/llwindow/files.win32.lst: add llkeyboardwin32.cpp, llwindowwin32.cpp
  • VWR-878 - indra/llcommon/SConscript: removes dependency on external grep and sed for version information
  • VWR-962 - llprocessor.cpp: enable x86 detection for GCC
  • VWR-975 - LLCPUInfo: detect best values for cpu and clock frequencies under Linux
  • VWR-1061 - lltemplatemessagereader.cpp: standard inclusion at top of source file
  • VWR-1062 - llsys.cpp: test between integer and bool always returned true, which caused LLCPUInfo::hasSSE*() to return true
  • VWR-1704 - indra/llui/files.lst: delete llhtmlhelp.h entry
  • VWR-1705 - indra/lscript/lscript_compile/indra.y: disable compiler warning #4065 for 'switch' statements
  • VWR-1729 - indra/lscript/lscript_compile/indra.l: avoid yyunput hack on Windows build

Eddy Stryker

  • VWR-15 - utf16str_to_wstring() crashes in odd circumstances
  • VWR-23 - PATCH: Several actions including sitting or delete crash the client
  • VWR-1468 - LoginPacketNeverReceived dialog text is incorrect

EponymousDylan Ra

  • VWR-1289 - On logging in, sound volume for stream is low, despite the actual setting in the music control
  • VWR-1465 - Viewer crash after taking several hi-res snapshots

Farallon Greyskin

  • VWR-2036 - Build tools floater does not remember its position on restart

Feep Larsson

  • VWR-447 - Allow minimized windows to be repositioned in client
  • VWR-1314 - Multiple selection then individual deselection of attachments broken

Fremont Cunningham

  • VWR-1147 - A patch set is provided to add an optional 'Confirm Exit' pop-up window for most user client exit methods. Prevents the 'Accidental Quit'.

Gigs Taggart

  • SVC-493 - Objects with "Linden" in their name can't be muted
  • VWR-38 - Magic Opening Folders
  • VWR-71 - Tabulating and moving by word (ctrl-right) off-by-one errors in scripting editor.
  • VWR-101 - Get rid of "Return All"
  • VWR-166 - moving of open folders in the inventory to an other indentation level leaves the contents on the previous level
  • VWR-234 - Incorrect notice on land buy floater
  • VWR-315 - Script text loading twice
  • VWR-326 - Allow a "limit texture recieving" in the client
  • VWR-493 - Statistics bar, Packet Loss: % sign is doubled
  • VWR-1203 - Avatars eyes are constantly crossing in 1.17
  • VWR-1217 - Built-in avatar animations stop suddenly, rather than fading out. (jerky head movement)
  • VWR-1434 - Null pointer crash when terraforming
  • VWR-1987 - Segfault on startup if audio doesn't initialize.
  • VWR-2065 - Custom Snapshot setting do not save for next Snapshot

Ginko Bayliss

  • VWR-4 - LLFont doesn't initialise mFTFace if font loading fails.

Grazer Kline

  • VWR-1092 - Disable mouse hover text on HUDs, since it always only shows the owner's name and generally gets in the way of HUD functionality.

Gudmund Shepherd

  • VWR-1594 - Inconsistent ' & ' use in en-us locale file

Hamncheese Omlet

  • VWR-333 - NEW release . "Unable to load gesture." or "Gesture is missing from database." on login

Henri Beauchamp

  • VWR-1406 - Unchecking "Go Away/AFK when idle" has no effect in, and

Hikkoshi Sakai

Hiro Sommambulist

  • VWR-66 - segfault on decoding images of clothing
  • VWR-67 - Invalid memory allocation
  • VWR-97 - Several iterator bugs in llmessage
  • VWR-100 - Messages form OpenJPEG only in debug mode
  • VWR-105 - SConstruct improvements
  • VWR-108 - Crashes during "Downloading Clothing"
  • VWR-118 - Incorrect NULL pointer check
  • VWR-132 - seg fault in lldrawpool.cpp
  • VWR-136 - Seg fault in llpolymorph.cpp
  • VWR-143 - Compiler errors in llwebbrowserctrl.h

Hoze Menges

Iskar Ariantho

  • VWR-1223 - Camera Controls keyboard shortcuts broke

Jacek Antonelli

  • VWR-165 - First Digit in the "Pay" dialog does not erase without entering more digits
  • VWR-188 - Patch: Refactor options handling in SConstruct
  • VWR-427 - Added new menu item: Tools > Edit Linked Parts
  • VWR-597 - Abuse report tool should autofill abuser name when reporting an object

Joghert LeSabre

  • VWR-64 - Build button in toolbar doesn't get enabled on land where "Create Objects" is set to group, even when avatar is in the correct group.

Kage Pixel

  • VWR-11 - Project will not compile if placed in directory with spaces.

Kunnis Basiat

  • VWR-82 - LLVFS -- Slow Loading speed improvement
  • VWR-102 - md5 slow

Matthew Dowd

  • VWR-1344 - Reverse order of popups, so that new ones appear underneath existing ones rather than on top.
  • VWR-1736 - Add a Invite to Group option to the Avatar Pie Menu
  • VWR-1737 - Opening the Invite dialog before group information has completed downloading in the Group Information dialog results in empty role drop down box.
  • VWR-1761 - Group Invite Suggestion--add 'view group info' to invite dialog box

McCabe Maxsted

  • VWR-1318 - Selecting Cancel while saving a snapshot to disk still triggers snapshot gesture

Mr Greggan

  • VWR-445 - A minimize button on the inventory list

Nicholaz Beresford

  • VWR-132 - seg fault in lldrawpool.cpp
  • VWR-176 - Viewer Crash "Microsoft C++ visual library - buffer overrun error" when handing server packet from "Save object back to object contents" problem and other "invalid packet received" situations
  • VWR-193 - Please make the stupid electric lines toggleable.
  • VWR-349 - Change keyboard shortcuts, because entering { [ ] } on German and some other international keyboards (AltGr 7, 8, 9, 0) triggers Rendering Features accelerators Ctrl-Alt-7, 8, 9, 0 (previously resulting in unstable viewer)
  • VWR-353 - Rebake command - add a keyboard shortcut and put in tools menu
  • VWR-364 - Viewer memory leak (over several hours) (libcurl)
  • VWR-546 - Using inspect interfers with mouse usage.
  • VWR-691 - Avatar changing into AFK mode suddenly
  • VWR-727 - Torn-off IM windows should be minimizable
  • VWR-793 - llviewerpartsim.cpp: potential memory leaks
  • VWR-794 - llviewerpartsim.cpp: potential memory leaks
  • VWR-802 - small memory leak in llmessageconfig.cpp
  • VWR-803 - small memory leak in llcallingcard.cpp
  • VWR-804 - Quirk in llviewerwindow.cpp
  • VWR-805 - LLCurl not properly cleaned up
  • VWR-807 - Forgets to delete gToolInspect in lltoolmgr.cpp
  • VWR-808 - Incorrect cleanup in message.cpp
  • VWR-809 - Destructor fails to clean up global menus in llviewermenu.cpp
  • VWR-810 - Destructor forgets to delete mFloaterContros member in llui/llview.cpp
  • VWR-823 - Two unintialized variables in lltexturefetch.cpp
  • VWR-849 - LLerror.cpp does not clean up global objects
  • VWR-856 - llvfs.cpp: possible loss of memory blocks in LLVFS:audit()
  • VWR-865 - Tiny possible memory leak in llviewerpartsource.cpp
  • VWR-869 - Possible hard-loop (endless, viewer-hang) in script editor
  • VWR-870 - Memory violation through uninitialized variable (invisible or unrendered flexis)
  • VWR-871 - More bad f00d: Two minor (or inconsequential) misses of initializing object members
  • VWR-873 - Dead members "eVertexDataMask;" in various objects
  • VWR-908 - Various memory leaks in the group dialog
  • VWR-966 - Minor memory leak in llfloaterpreferences.cpp and a tiny leak in llstatup.cpp
  • VWR-1105 - Set internal limit of particle count to max value from GUI preferences.
  • VWR-1221 - Possible crash in llfloaterland.cpp / line 1556
  • VWR-1230 - Text highlighting in Chat History window is cancelled when history scrolls
  • VWR-1270 - Script error window keeps reverting to a very small size
  • VWR-1294 - Threads not always allowed to run out/clean up at end of program
  • VWR-1296 - Minor memory leak in lltexturecache.cpp
  • VWR-1354 - Possible crash in lldrawpool
  • VWR-1410 - Quirk in net.cpp
  • VWR-1418 - Progressive memory consumption (leak) since 1.17.1
  • VWR-1436 - Possible crash when ending program (and probably through runtime on laggy conditions) when destroying LLEventPoll
  • VWR-1453 - A few old-school changes for llviewerregion.cpp
  • VWR-1455 - Various source cleanup patches
  • VWR-1470 - Buttons (IM, Teleport, Profile, ...) in friends list are disabled when opening friends list window
  • VWR-1471 - Inspect (Pie menu > More > More > Inspect) shows nothing on first use when "only select own objects" is enabled
  • VWR-1566 - An attempt to fix the glDrawRangeElements crashes (refcount LLDrawInfo )
  • VWR-1578 - Two quirks in IM regarding "xxxx is typing"
  • VWR-1626 - Patch to avoid IM window from resizing when sessions open or close
  • VWR-1646 - Possible crash when login server is unavailable.
  • VWR-1655 - Script Warnings/errors window is hard to resize, resets size after closing tabs.
  • VWR-1698 - More compact rewrite of code regarding parcel flags in llviewerregion
  • VWR-1706 - Minor quirk (and cleanup) in llfloater.cpp
  • VWR-1721 - GUI quirk in groups
  • VWR-1723 - Possible crash in llvopartgroup
  • VWR-1732 - Pressing Enter, with multiple inventory objects selected, crashes viewer
  • VWR-1769 - Memory bubble, clearning the keyframedata cache
  • VWR-1808 - Possible crash in llviewerobjectlist
  • VWR-1861 - Renaming items in inventory folders does not update item sort order
  • VWR-1872 - An attempt to fix the "empty inventory trash" crashes
  • VWR-1968 - Possible crash in llmultigesture.cpp
  • VWR-2152 - Possible crash in llviewerobjectlist

Nounouch Hapmouche

  • VWR-238 - Permissions of Roles and Rights messed up in all translations of official skin

Paul Churchill

  • VWR-20 - IMs of type IM_BUSY_AUTO_RESPONSE ignore mute
  • VWR-493 - Statistics bar, Packet Loss: % sign is doubled
  • VWR-749 - Bandwidth indicator: Kbps, should not have capital k
  • VWR-1567 - Change the default item name for "snapshot to inventory" to something more usefull than "snapshot"
  • VWR-1647 - "Show end of last IM conversation" in Preferences/Communication automatically remains checked after OK-ing unchecked
  • VWR-1880 - Modify "Ctrl-F" to call Search/Replace Dialog when invoked inside Script Window

Paula Innis

  • VWR-30 - window (floater) minimization overlaying - Patch
  • VWR-293 - Deleting a selected object causes crash in FL
  • VWR-1049 - Trivial sizeof() miscalculatuion results in incomplete copying of CPU Brand ID string in CProcessor::AnalyzeAMDProcessor()
  • VWR-1562 - llassert(mNumDescendantsSelected >= 0) with crash and loop. (Debug build)

Peekay Semyorka

  • VWR-7 - "Buy Land..." pie menu item broken
  • VWR-19 - "World -> Buy Land..." menu failures
  • VWR-49 - Buy Dialog Displays incorrect Prim Count when using prim multipliers
  • VWR-79 - PNG image support submission

Renault Clio

  • VWR-1976 - Solaris' fprintf segfaults on NULL arguments

Ryozu Kojima

  • VWR-287 - Inconsistent behaviour between agent_slide_left / agent_slide_right, and the rest of the movement functions.

Seg Baphomet

  • VWR-1525 - "Standalone" build does not actually work
  • VWR-1585 - gcc 4 build failure: llstatusbar.h:130: error: extra qualification 'LLStatusBar::' on member 'MAX_DATE_STRING_LENGTH
  • VWR-1586 - Mismatched delete in llviewerparcelmgr.cpp

SignpostMarv Martin

  • VWR-153 - Group window needs increasing, and resize to be enabled.
  • VWR-154 - typo in en-US/floater_mute.xml "Resident" not "resident"
  • VWR-155 - typo in en-US/floater_mute.xml "Resident" not "Person"
  • VWR-218 - SConstruct script makes many assumptions that are invalid outside LL
  • VWR-373 - Land Holdings (World > My Land) group area is ridiculously small

Simon Nolan

  • VWR-409 - New Feature -> UI -> Dialog -> Buy Copy/Contents -> Default Action -> Cancel

SpacedOut Frye

  • VWR-34 - patch for correct 64 bit new allocation
  • VWR-45 - trivial patch, initialize variables
  • VWR-57 - trivial patch, initialize variables LLToolDragAndDrop
  • VWR-94 - Buffer overflow in decoding image.
  • VWR-113 - bad getMetadata return code
  • VWR-121 - lltexturecache.cpp mismatched new[] delete
  • VWR-123 - OpenJPEG meta decode, Second Life patches
  • VWR-130 - llimagejpeg.h remove jinclude.h
  • VWR-1823 - Bad typecast for 64 bit systems, llagent llfloatercustomize

Stevex Janus

  • VWR-1182 - Remove LL_USE_KDU define which is no longer used from SConstruct

Still Defiant

  • VWR-207 - [EDIT] Buggy condition statement appears to cause texture related bug side effects on systems with > ~2GB RAM
  • VWR-227 - If a Find/Search returns no results, the results list is still focused and an attempt is made to select the first result anyway.
  • VWR-446 - Automatically start renaming new user-created assets and automatically select new user-created folders

Strife Onizuka

  • SVC-9 - run_jumpif, run_jumpnif do not properly handle lists
  • VWR-14 - Inconsistancy with reading binary data in llpolymesh.cpp
  • VWR-74 - Typo in script tooltip, shows wrong text
  • VWR-85 - lsa_cmp_lists, memory leak
  • VWR-148 - llListStatistics tooltip wrong
  • WEB-164 - Horizontal scroll bar fix (css)
  • VWR-183 - LSO: LLScriptConstantString bug in LSCP_EMIT_ASSEMBLY mode ouputs invalid assembly

tenebrous pau

  • VWR-247 - Viewer generates undesired dialog when IM comes in while minimized

TBBle Kurosawa

  • VWR-938 - ELFIO is technically optional, make this easy to capitalise on
  • VWR-941 - Reading length data for a four-byte Variable template message misstores the length
  • VWR-942 - logRanOffEndOfPacket is too terse when it logs packet data, add some more info
  • VWR-944 - Boost inclusion is inconsistent
  • VWR-945 - htonmemcpy doesn't get the LL_BIG_ENDIAN macro, so fails on big-endian architectures
  • VWR-1891 - Detect a Debian bulid-host, as is done for Fedora
  • VWR-1892 - Use pkgconfig for more libraries in the standalone build

Tharax Ferraris

  • VWR-605 - Include the SL date & day with the time

Thraxis Epsilon

  • SVC-371 - Fix the legibility and grammar/consistency of the new llOwnerSay implementation
  • VWR-383 - Logging Chat to Disk does not include timestamps

Whoops Babii

  • VWR-631 - need Second Life Viewer compiled under Solaris x86 and SPARC
  • VWR-1640 - login retires cause LLFrameStatView::setup() to seg fault

Zarkonnen Decosta

  • VWR-253 - Building slviewer-src-FL- fails in linux_crash_logger

Zi Ree

  • VWR-671 - Line editor history for recalling previously typed lines
  • VWR-682 - Text Editors should try and preserve X cursor position
  • VWR-684 - German Translation of the Viewer inaccurate/dangerously wrong (corrections in patch)
  • VWR-1140 - About Land floater is not resizable, ban and access lists too small

Zipherius Turas

  • VWR-76 - llevent iter bug
  • VWR-77 - LLVFS::eraseBlockLength iter Crash