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Only note I want to add is that pie menus work with the exact same code (different xml files obviously), but you can only have eight items in each level of the pie menu. Separators create a blank entry, and I was confused for a long time why my entry wasn't showing up until I realized I had nine items in one level of the pie menu. Deleted a separator and all was well.

Popup Menus

Is there an official way to create your own popup menus? I added an xml file to build the menu and tried to insert it similar to the one coming up when you right-click on a link in the chat window (which does nothing right now). I came as far as to make it work in the IM windowm, but in the main chat window it comes up but siletly ignores the menu selection. Any pointers? Thanks! --Zi Ree 04:56, 4 February 2008 (PST)