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How do I change the color scheme? Light green on white hurts my eyes on this monitor.

DanielRavenNest Noe (please attribute yourself in the future), at this current time we don't have an easy way. You could Greasemonkey it, but really, that clashing has hurt our eyes too, and styling bugs have been reported. So, maybe we just need to fix that color scheme. - Torley-favicon.png Torley on 2009-09-10 @ 9:37 AM PST

For possible inclusion in the FAQ.

Q: I use Opera for my web browser and I am unable to respond to posts (or make new ones)

A: The Vleartype software used does not like Opera... to be able to post you must edit Operas site preferences and "Mask as Firefox"

Right click the page > Edit Site preferences > Network tab > then pick Mask as Firefox for Browser Identification. The blogs will work just fine afterward.

NOTE: most alternative browsers will have a way to fake the User Agent please consult your browsers help files.

Johnnie Carling 22:43, 10 September 2009 (UTC)