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I downloaded a copy of the Jira client to test, and asked for a free key. They apparently thought I was the principle developer of the project (my blushes) and sent me this response:

Hello Peter,

Thanks for your request. Please find attached a site license for Second Life
open-source projects. Feel free to share the license key with anyone
interested or post it on the web. The license allows any number of users,
and it is locked to your JIRA URL. If in the future the URL changes, please
let me know and I'll create another license key.

Thank you for your interest in JIRA Client. If you have any questions or
feature requests, feel free to write me directly or post to our forum,

Best regards,

I will upload the key here, BUT... there's some kind of authentication issue between and the jira client software, on the Mac at least, so it doesn't yet work with this website. -- Argent Stonecutter 13:07, 2 May 2007 (PDT)