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Adding a fifth number to versions

I think this all makes sense except for this part:

Choose a version number
   * The version number is in the form Major.Minor.Patch.Build
   * The version number can be any four numbers
   * We recommend using the Major, Minor, and Patch numbers from the most recently merged Linden Lab source code.
   * We recommend using a Build number >= 100 to indicate a non Linden Lab version.

I think that the versions should be 5 numbers, since there have been occasions where multiple versions of Major.Minor.Patch have been released by Linden Lab. For example (from Source_downloads):

  • ver
  • ver
  • ver
  • ver

So, my proposal would be that the number be in the form Major.Minor.Patch.Build.3rdPartyNumber. Gibson Willis 12:12, 28 September 2007 (PDT)

Steve Linden: That would be fine. The version is just a string so any convention would work and if you would like to be that specific we have no problem with that. Builds only represent bug fixes which is why we only think it is important to include the first three numbers since a build will not represent new features / functionality, but more information is not a bad thing.

Add Snowglobe

We need to add references to Snowglobe throughout to be complete. Channel strings used for Snowglobe:

  • Snowglobe Release : used for binaries built off release branches
  • Snowglobe Test Build : used for binaries built of the live development trunk
  • CommnityDeveloper : used for binaries you built on your own machine and use for testing.

Note: we should change that generic unclear CommunityDeveloper channel and use something like Snowglobe Community Developer

Merov Linden 20:51, 12 February 2010 (UTC) Merov Linden