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== Agenda for General Meetings ==
Okay, so I haven't been to a meeting in '''ages''', and I'm not sure about whether I'll have much of a chance to due to timing lately. Anyway, in the past, the ability to just pop an item onto the wiki page's agenda so it would be discussed was handy for this very reason, as people who couldn't make it would still be able to put things forward. Obviously it remains in a person's best interests to attend the meeting where an idea they care about is discussed, but for simple things like importing old SVC issues into the SCR project it would be a lot easier (unless someone wants to give me that ability? ^^)
Anyway, if I don't make it, I'd appreciate someone bringing up the possibility of at least partially working from a wiki-page agenda again, or at least taking some of the general meeting's topics from one, as the current JIRA filter doesn't include a lot of older, but still very relevant (and overdue) issues.<br/>-- '''[[User:Haravikk_Mistral|Haravikk]]''' <sup><small>([[User_talk:Haravikk_Mistral|talk]]|[[Special:Contributions/Haravikk_Mistral|contribs]])</small></sup> 03:42, 9 May 2012 (PDT)

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