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The part about existing scripts can't be right...

This part can't be right:

"Will Display Names affect scripts I have created or bought? No. Your username in Second Life will automatically change to your current Second Life name, lowercase, with a period between your first and last name (for example, "John Smith"'s username becomes "john.smith"). "

If every existing call that returned "firstname lastname" now returns "firstname.lastname", then thousands of scripts will break. For instance, any script that reads a list of authorized users from a notecard, and compares the result of llDetectedName() to see if it's on the list.

I assume that the actual story is that all of the existing LSL functions that deal with names will still deal with the "firstname lastname" form (even if, internally to the server, they're actually stored as "firstname.lastname").

This section should be revised accordingly. Dale Innis 01:16, 18 August 2010 (UTC)