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I'd add the to this the switch/case statement. SInce LSL isn't a run-time scripting language, per se, it should be quite possible to at least allow optimizations for switch(integer) situations and switch(string) would at least allow programming clarity, even if no other optimization was done.

The other proposed changes I listed in the jira also have merit, though perhaps the single most important would be a provision for a common library of functions beyond what LL defines. New functions could be added on a a regular basis after vetting by the community and LL within a cc* namespace. Perhaps a cc.* namespace to make 100% certain of backwards compatability. Saijanai 07:38, 24 February 2008 (PST)

Better support for other spoken human languages

Here's a constant in a script for a message in English.

MsgAlreadyGiven = "Not found, perhaps already given out?";

Now, here's the same constant, in French and Italian.

MsgAlreadyGiven = "Pas trouve, peut-etre deja enleve?"; MsgAlreadyGiven = "Non trovato, forse gia dato?";

In French and Italian there, it's wrong, though.

It's wrong because LSL forced me to drop the accents, which creates spelling mistakes, forcing me to look illiterate in a multitude of languages. While that has a certain rakish appeal to it :} if there's another version of LSL, it really needs to be able to handle accents. I know lots of unilingual anglophone programmers will pshaw this idea, but still.