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Question regarding @remoutfit and teens

Thank you for putting up that API.

But I got a question regarding the @remoutfit[:<part>]=<y/n>-command: It says(underpants and underwear are kept for teens). What do you mean with that?

Is removing underwear disabled only on teengrid? Is it disabled in PG Areas? Or just one of your nice jokes? :-)

MK: No no this time it was not a joke, the standard viewer actually checks that you're not on the teen grid and if you are, discards removing underwear. I took care of not breaking that check when adding the remoutfit command :)

How to use for bondage furniture?

Hi Marine,

Good stuff, your viewer. I have a question on how to use the API in bondage furniture.

As a test I did put the @remoutfit=force in the menuhandler of a bondage cross that I have. Now, when I use the menu while not sitting on the cross ... I am suddenly naked. Blush. Nice effect, but not what I expected. I expected the command to work on the AvatarOnSitTarget, if that person would use your viewer.

Do I do something wrong, or is your viewer focused to impact the Owner of worn attachments? If the former, please let me know how to do it right. If the latter, it would be great if the viewer would work on Owner in case of attachments, and work on AvatarOnSitTarget in case of objects to sit on.

Looking forward to your answer. Ciao, Tam

The answer came to me in world. Use the RealRestraint Relay

Meaningless or App-Defined Rules

I noticed (accidentially, due to a misspelling) that if you send a rule that doesn't exist, it has no effect, but it DOES remember the rule, and can be retrieved using @getstatus. For example, you can llOwnerSay("@randomtext=n") and later when you call llOwnerSay("@getstatus=x") the rules in the response will include "randomtext" in the list.

Is this a bug or a feature? The reason I ask is, there are some good uses for this if the behavior can be depended upon, but if it's likely to disappear in a future version, then I'll steer clear of using it. Thanks.

--Galatea Gynoid 12:07, 17 August 2008 (PDT)

Actually there is no such thing as "a rule that does not exist", the viewer takes whatever it is sent and puts it into its internal list for later. This is because I don't want to duplicate commands (I have to for some of them, for instance when checking whether the inventory is already open when issuing a @showinv). It's by design so it's easier to just poke at the code and add your own command without wondering whether you have to add it to a static table somewhere. So it's neither a bug nor a feature I would say.