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Default Values

The default values for each of these overrides, that is without any override active, is as follows:
[14:41] Object: Listing Overridden Animations
[14:41] Object: crouch
[14:41] Object: crouchwalk
[14:41] Object: falldown
[14:41] Object: fly
[14:41] Object: flyslow
[14:41] Object: hover
[14:41] Object: hover_down
[14:41] Object: hover_up
[14:41] Object: jump
[14:41] Object: land
[14:41] Object: prejump
[14:41] Object: run
[14:41] Object: sit
[14:41] Object: sit_ground_constrained
[14:41] Object: stand
[14:41] Object: standup
[14:41] Object: stride
[14:41] Object: soft_land
[14:41] Object: hover_up
[14:41] Object: turnleft
[14:41] Object: turnright
[14:41] Object: walk

--Kanashio Resident (talk) 14:43, 14 July 2015 (PDT)

Note that the order llOwnerSay outputs lines can not be relied on. Also, empty ones are not output. I've modified your script to prefix each line with the corresponding state. Output with no AO follows:
[08:07:40] Object: Listing Overridden Animations
[08:07:40] Object: Crouching: crouch
[08:07:40] Object: CrouchWalking: crouchwalk
[08:07:40] Object: Falling Down: falldown
[08:07:40] Object: Flying: fly
[08:07:40] Object: FlyingSlow: flyslow
[08:07:40] Object: Hovering: hover
[08:07:40] Object: Hovering Down: hover_down
[08:07:40] Object: Hovering Up: hover_up
[08:07:40] Object: Jumping: jump
[08:07:40] Object: Landing: land
[08:07:40] Object: PreJumping: prejump
[08:07:40] Object: Running: run
[08:07:40] Object: Sitting: sit
[08:07:40] Object: Sitting on Ground: sit_ground_constrained
[08:07:40] Object: Standing: stand
[08:07:40] Object: Standing Up: standup
[08:07:40] Object: Striding: stride
[08:07:40] Object: Soft Landing: soft_land
[08:07:40] Object: Taking Off: hover_up
[08:07:40] Object: Turning Left: turnleft
[08:07:40] Object: Turning Right: turnright
[08:07:40] Object: Walking: walk