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The command llResetAnimationOverride is not cooperative when using "ALL" parameter: Issuing it resets override for all animations, also those overrided by another AO. Example: Use two overriders the overrider A for Sitting and Standing, the overrider B for Walking and Jumping, both AO use the esymple script. Now when you attach both overriders, than your sit, stand, jump and walk animations are overriden. When you detach A, it resets all animations using the parameter "ALL", also animations, overriden by B, the effect of B is now destroyed.

To solve the problem, i'd suggest to extend the command by possibility to take a comma-separated list of animation states to be resetted, so you simply issue the command, say llResetAnimationOverride("Sitting,Standing"); to reset just both to defaults. The command would cause than a loop through animation states, but on lowest level with more chance for completing while detaching the AO.

Jenna Felton 02:48, 9 May 2013 (PDT)