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This is a wish list for future open source versions of MLP.

Join the inworld group for further discussion.

  • re-write MLP from scratch
  • collect a fund to pay scripters for changes
  • make a list of scripters and get costings
  • back button in sequences
  • timer menu for sequences
  • allow for an overlay pose (with a higher priority and loopless) activated by a specific button (not stopping a scene) played during a sequence.
  • 8 to 16 balls or more
  • move many menu items to a child prim to free up ~menu memory
  • rez props seperate so they remain when poses change
  • a default pose option when a new menu is selected
  • menus that change independently for male and female animations
  • Different sculpts for the pink and the blue ball

Conversion of ~memory to use vector storage

I just wanted to note that I recently ran out of memory in ~memory while adding poses, so I edited my ~memory script to store pose data as vectors to conserve space, with an index so there are no waste vectors from poses that don't use all six pose-balls. It turned out pretty well as with 221 poses store (mix of two and three person) there's still a good 5.2kb of memory remaining, as opposed to a stack/heap collision at the ~200 mark.

Anyway, my ~memory script says its from MLP v1.2, but it looks largely the same as the v2.4 script since it's just for pose storage after all. However, I just wanted to note the importance of the change to storing as actual vectors as opposed to strings. I anyone wants a copy then please IM me in-world and I can send it; most of the code should be easily transferable.
-- Haravikk (talk|contribs) 12:42, 13 July 2012 (PDT)