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Any feedback folks?

Grandma Bates - 13 April 2009

  • I went through and reformated some of the code and fixed a couple of minor typos.
  • I need to go back over it again.
  • I want to add a question about the difference between heap and stack space. I am not sure how to do that off hand.
  • I want to add something about the difference between the three touch events.
  • Perhaps something about the llSetStatus command would be good?
  • I want to add a question using llSetTimerEvent.
  • A question on bit maps would be good.

Louise Rumpler - 16 April 2009

Fantastic job Grandma! Bit maps would be good.. maybe on the intermediate? Not sure tho really. llSetTimerEvent could definitely do to be incorporated :) Off top of my head.. memory allocated thus: Low mem ------------------------------------------------------------High mem Bytecode + Global Vars + Heap >>  !Collision! << Stack Struggling for a definition of heap tho :(