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Do we need a question asking Where people go to mentor? 1) The same place each time 2) Where there are lots of people 3) Where trouble is expected 4) Everywhere I go

Questions 2 & 3 are very related, could they work as a single question? What about wilder choices (furries, robots, etc)? I keep thinking that 4 choices is not enough.

Q4: Try adding "They should realize I know what I am doing here"

Q5: Why is the 4th choice a link to the 3rd choice?

Q6: Would "Any/All of the above" be a valid response? So might "Let's troubleshoot this.."

Q7: Definitely "All of the above"

Placing 8 & 9 together made 8 less tricky. This way they can respond correctly that 13 is minimum, 18 on the Adult Grid. Good Going.

10 & 11 have a similar relationship as 8 & 9. Well done.

Q12 looks perfect

Q13 is all links. ?? are we encouraging an "open book" test?

Q14: Boils down to a matter of opinion. (Both the responder's opinion and the newb's opinion) Each newb wants something different.

More later..Then on to the advanced exams.

Pim Peccable 14:57, 28 January 2010 (UTC)