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(crash positions, bringing bugs back on line)
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{{#vardefine:BugCounter|{{#expr:{{#var:BugCounter}} + {{#var:count-last-issue}}}}}}
{{#vardefine:BugCounter|{{#expr:{{#var:BugCounter}} + {{#var:count-last-issue}}}}}}

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Fields Values
type See type table
status See status table
resolution See resolution table
type parameter accepted values, defaults to Meta Issue
type value description
Bug}} Bug bug A problem which impairs or prevents the functions of the product.
Improvement Improvement imp An improvement or enhancement to an existing feature or task.
Meta Issue Meta Issue meta Describes a general category of problems rather than a specific problem
New Feature New Feature nf OR fs A new feature of the product, which has yet to be developed.
Task Task task A task that needs to be done.
Translation Translation tran
Sub-task Sub-Task sub The sub-task of the issue
status parameter accepted values, defaults to Open
type value description
Open Open open The issue is open and ready for the assignee to start work on it.
In Progress In Progress ip This issue is being actively worked on at the moment by the assignee.
Reopened Reopened reop This issue was once resolved, but the resolution was deemed incorrect. From here issues are either marked assigned or resolved.
Resolved Resolved res A resolution has been taken, and it is awaiting verification by reporter. From here issues are either reopened, or are closed.
Closed Closed clo The issue is considered finished, the resolution is correct. Issues which are closed can be reopened.
Fix Pending Fix Pending fixp Issues that have been fixed in Linden Lab's internal codebase, but not yet deployed in a viewer
Ready for Translation Ready for Translation rft
Translation In Progress Translation In Progress tip
Translated Translated tran
In QA In QA inqa
Passed QA Passed QA pass
Translation Final Translation Final tfin
Published Published pub
On Hold On Hold hold
Editing In Progress Editing In Progress eip
Edited Edited eded
Testing Testing test
Verified Verified veri
Verified: Fixed Verified: Fixed vfix
Verified: Fix Needed Verified: Fix Needed vned
Republished Republished rpub

resolution parameter accepted values, defaults to Unresolved
resolution value description
Unresolved unres Issue has yet to be resolved
Fixed fixed A fix for this issue is available in a public release
Cannot Reproduce cr All attempts at reproducing this issue failed, or not enough information was available to reproduce the issue. Reading the code produces no clues as to why this behavior would occur. If more information appears later, please reopen the issue.
Contact Support cs Please contact Linden Lab support at http://secondlife.com/support rather than using this issue tracker
Duplicate dup The problem is a duplicate of an existing issue.
Expected Behavior expect Often the system is behaving exactly as designed, but it can look wrong if you're not aware of the reasons behind the behavior. This status is used for such cases.
Misfiled misfiled Issue should be somewhere besides this issue tracker
Needs More Info more The problem is not completely described.
Under Advisement advice The problem/idea is being evaluated.
Won't Finish wont The problem described is an issue which likely will never be fixed.
   resolution=fixed, type=bug
   blah, type=bug