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{{#vardefine:p_{{{1|none}}}_hover|Index of detection information}}
{{#vardefine:p_{{{1|none}}}_hover|Index of detection information}}
{{LSL_Function/negative_index|false|{{{1|none}}}|returns={{#if:{{{returns|}}}|and this function returns {{{error|}}}.}}}}
{{LSL_Function/negative_index|false|{{{1|none}}}|returns={{#if:{{{error|}}}|and this function returns {{{error|}}}.}}}}
{{#vardefine:also_articles|{{LSL DefineRow||{{LSLGC|Detected}}|}}}}
{{#vardefine:also_articles|{{LSL DefineRow||{{LSLGC|Detected}}|}}}}

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#var value

none does not support negative indexes.

•  Detected
p_none_desc Index of detection information
p_none_hover Index of detection information
spec llDetected* functions can be called anywhere but will only return usable values if called from within Detection events (collision, collision_start, collision_end, sensor, touch, touch_start, touch_end) or in functions called by Detection events.
  • If none is out of bounds the script continues to execute without an error message.
  • Events that enable the llDetected* functions always return at least one detected item.
    • Detection events are not raised if there is nothing detected.[1]
    • The detection event's items detected parameter is initially never less than 1.[2]