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Template:Office Hours, Template:Office Hours/include and Template:Office Hours/teen-include were created in order to improve productivity amongst Lindens & Residents who hold in-world office hours.

I noticed that Office Hours were being listed in multiple places (Office Hours and the Lindens' User-pages), and as any developer knows, duplication of data is bad.

SignpostMarv Martin 04:39, 6 August 2007 (PDT)

Setting up your Office Hours

See usage for how to use the Office Hours template.

Main Grid

Create an article named Office Hours in your user space, e.g. User:Blue Linden/Office Hours

Teen Grid

Create an article named Teen Office Hours in your user space, e.g. User:Blue Linden/Teen Office Hours

Displaying your Office Hours

Main Grid

{{Office Hours/include|First Last}}, e.g. {{Office Hours/include|Blue Linden}}

Teen Grid

{{Office Hours/teen-include|First Last}}, e.g. {{Office Hours/teen-include|Blue Linden}}

Place your link here, in the appropriate location.


{{Office Hours |Resident=SignpostMarv Martin |location=nowhere in particular |times=* no time in particular |topics=*no topics in particular |}}

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