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Template:Office Hours, Template:Office Hours/include and Template:Office Hours/teen-include were created in order to improve productivity amongst Lindens & Residents who hold in-world office hours.

I noticed that Office Hours were being listed in multiple places (Office Hours and the Lindens' User-pages), and as any developer knows, duplication of data is bad.

SignpostMarv Martin 04:39, 6 August 2007 (PDT)

Setting up your Office Hours

See usage for how to use the Office Hours template.

Main Grid

Create an article named Office Hours in your user space, e.g. User:Blue Linden/Office Hours

Teen Grid

Create an article named Teen Office Hours in your user space, e.g. User:Blue Linden/Teen Office Hours

Displaying your Office Hours

Main Grid

{{Office Hours/include|First Last}}, e.g. {{Office Hours/include|Blue Linden}}

Teen Grid

{{Office Hours/teen-include|First Last}}, e.g. {{Office Hours/teen-include|Blue Linden}}

Cancelling Office Hours

If you're only cancelling one or two sessions, edit your Office Hours article, not the articles it is included in. This ensures all instances of the Office Hours display are kept up to date, and avoids the issue of duplication of information that the template-based system was created to avoid.

If you're cancelling your Office Hours indefinitely,

  1. Go to your Office Hours article (e.g. User:Blue Linden/Office Hours )
  2. Edit the content to the effect of "Cancelled until further notice"
  3. Click the "What links here" link in the sidebar (e.g. Special:Whatlinkshere/User:Blue Linden/Office Hours )
  4. Except where in other users' article spaces or talk pages (e.g. User:SignpostMarv Martin/Sandbox/Office Hours Table Test), remove all instances where your article has been included with template syntax (e.g. {{Office Hours/include|Blue Linden}} )

Places to display Office Hours

All Office Hours are listed in Category:Office Hours

Linden Lab Employees



The voice parameter is intended to be used where the primary form of communication during the office hours will be voice chat. The voice parameter can be activated by setting it to an asterisk, e.g. voice=*, as in the example below. Alternatively for Teen-Grid Residents, the voice parameter can be set to teen, e.g. voice=teen.

{{Office Hours
|Resident=SignpostMarv Martin
|location=nowhere in particular
|times=* no time in particular
|topics=*no topics in particular
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