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I (SignpostMarv Martin) quickly ported this template over from the SL History Wiki.

It's a geeky method of emulating the SL Profile and uses the hCard Microformat, and is in need of being modified to be more efficient- using the Parser functions if this wiki has them installed.

Please don't modify the code extensively.


SignpostMarv Martin (ArtRaged).jpg
Demonically Possesed Albino
Re-license Contributions
I, SignpostMarv Martin declare my intention to make all contributions I have made to this Wiki under the following licenses:
  • Cc.svg BY-SA 3.0
  • Cc.svg BY-SA 2.0 UK Copyleft.svg
  • GFDL
  • created first MegaTokyo fan group in SL, '
  • Only got suspended once (12 hours for harrasing Adam Linden)
  • Became a Second Life Mentor
  • Made two long term additions to Help Island
    • Test Track (removed to lower the physics usage in the Help Island sims)
    • Teleporter map (still there, uses instant touch-to-llSitTarget()

The wiki-code for using the SL hCard template can be viewed on User:SignpostMarv Martin/hcard