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==Related Links==
==Related Links==
*[[Saving Textures]]
* [[Saving Textures]]
*[[Video Tutorial/Making transparent textures]]
* [[Sculpted_Prims:_Resident-made_Tools#Importers|Importing Textures]]
*[[Profile Image]]
* [[Video Tutorial/Making transparent textures]]
* [[Profile Image]]

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This article is about textures. For LSL related info, see Category:LSL Texture. For opensource specs, see Textures (OS).

A texture can be used to cover the faces of a prim as a visual representation of the material and look of an object or be used to make clothing or other tatoos or be put in a notecard.

Textures can be purchased or found for free in-world, or created in third-party graphics programs and uploaded to Second Life for L$10 per image.

Textures are marked with a texture icon Inv item texture.png (and Inv item snapshot.png for snapshots) in the inventory.

Related Links