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Nirans Nirans

Links Contacts
Support Email: Desmoulins dot Uchi at googlemail dot com
Second Life Contact: NiranV Dean

Platforms: Windows WindowsLinux Linux


A Viewer aimed at High-End users for Photography and Machinima, featuring some of the most important updates, and always strives to be as most up to date as possible with a lot of updates, recommended for users that don't fear downloading a new version every week, day and sometimes even hours.

  • Local Bitmaps 3.0
  • Chat Range ring
  • Direct Delivery
  • Mouselook grabbing/touching
  • Custom Animation speeds
  • Custom Camera Rotation angles
  • Easy-to-access Camera Preset Controls
  • Enhanced Shooter/RPG feeling
  • Pie Menus
  • Autohide Chat
  • Streaming Music Info
  • Neck & AV Center Attachments
  • Maths in Build floater
  • Underwater Distortion
  • Qarls aligning Tool
  • Qarls Mesh Deformer (Optionally)
  • Additional Sky Windlight Presets
  • Temporarly Derender
  • Proxy 5 Options
  • Right click get UUID
  • Skin Selection
  • FPS Counter in Topbar
  • Blinn Phong Specular
  • SLURLs Names in most places
  • Completly new custom Sky and Water Presets
  • Right arm motion editing
  • Simple Radar with Minimap , Distance and Typing indicator
  • 2 High Quality Skins (1 from scratch) + 1 3. Party
  • RLVa Support
  • SSFUI (Super Smooth Flexible User Interface)
  • Extreme customisation in UI
  • Preferences with a huge list of additional Options

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