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Stuff that was Here, but no longer is. Hence, Was.


Video trailer & tour


And what would video tutorials guru Torley be without an animated tour of Here? Check it out:

Hotspots on Here

Click any of these names to teleport in Second Life:

The BIG screen

You can't miss it. Shows a featured Video Tutorial.

The seats are weird, the videos are awesome

Video Tutorial kiosks

You can find a number of these spread around Here. They're usually in-context to provide a richer experience: for example, sitting tutorial near some poseballs you can try. The kiosks look like this:

Do as it says!

Welcome corral

Where you'll start on Here if you didn't pick another destination. Yup, it's a reference to ye olde newbie corral. Pick up your free Torley Textures and other goodies!

You are indeed Here

Torley's office

I'd be delighted to chat with you in-avatar! See my office hour times.

Let's hang out!

Terraforming landbox

One of the most fun parts of owning land, especially an island, is reshaping it — feel free to mold this terrain like clay! Move it up, down, and all around. Also watch my terraforming tutorial in the kiosk nearby.

Change the world around you

Torley's big head

Click my head to read my blog posts!

Amplify your awesome.

Other "exhibits" are subject to change... Here is lively, dynamic, and engaging! Like Second Life itself!