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! Event: touch_start( integer num_detected ){ ; }

Triggered by the start of agent clicking on task

• integer num_detected Number of agents detected touching during the last clockcycle


  • When changing from a state that lacks a touch event into a state that has a touch event, the first touch will be dropped; this effects all three touch events (touch_start, touch, touch_end). See: SVC-3017
  • If a prim face has Shared Media enabled and the avatar's viewer supports this feature, LSL scripts will not detect touches on that face. Touches from older clients will be detected.

Important Issues

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   Server drops first touch event when a script returns to a state with a touch_start handler


You can use numbers 0 through num_detected - 1 to get detected agent keys: <lsl>default {

   touch_start(integer num_detected)
       integer i = 0;
       for(; i<num_detected; ++i)
           llWhisper(0, "Touched by " + llKey2Name(llDetectedKey(i)));

}</lsl><lsl>// If using a touch to change states be careful about the touch_ event order...

// On clicking a prim with touch events we trigger touch_start (as), touch (during) and touch_end (as released).

// The chain of events is established in the script as touch_start is triggered that remains intact until either

// touch_end is triggered or a new touch_start (discounting resets, deletions, taking to inventory etc.).

default {

   touch_start(integer nd)
       llSay(0, "You just started touching me so I'm going to the other state...");
       state other;

// A very rapid click would (and does if your VERY quick) beat the state change so the script would/does not behave as expected. } state other {

   touch_end(integer nd)

// The average click will have you catapult through this state with nothing but a chatted message to remember it by.

       llSay(0, "The touch that brought you here just ended so I'm going back to default...");
       state default;


Deep Notes


All Issues

~ Search JIRA for related Issues
   Server drops first touch event when a script returns to a state with a touch_start handler


event void touch_start( integer num_detected );